About Us

Rally Indochina is a socially conscious “not just for profit” organisation, that uses fantastic, exciting and culturally rewarding motorcycle rides throughout Indochina in order to raise funds for charitable organisations working in the region.

The ride organisers are all long-term residents of Vietnam and want to create a truly unique experience by touring through some of the most beautiful parts of the world and by taking people out of the mundane and challenging them. Importantly, we want people to immerse themselves completely in different cultures with other like-minded people and to contribute to the areas in which we travel.



Digby Greenhalgh

Has spent the last 20 years living in Hanoi and established Explore Indochina – one of the premier motorcycle tour companies in Southeast Asia. Digby has been independently researching and rediscovering the original Ho Chi Minh Trail, on both sides of the border, and is one of the few people in the world who knows exactly where it still is. Explore Indochina recently provided complete support for the BBC Top Gear: Vietnam Special, one of the most popular travel shows in the world, as well as support for Charley Boorman’s By Any Means .


Mark Wyndham

Has 25 years of dirt and road riding under his belt, with 10 years touring experience in SE Asia. He started Hoi An Motorbike Adventures with the idea of offering short adventure packages for travellers from around the globe, young or old, so they can enjoy the amazing experience of motorbike touring in the mountains of Vietnam.


Glenn Phillips

Arrived in Vietnam over 14 years ago to work as a journalist with a state-run newspaper, but discovered it was much more fun to ride motorbikes in the mountains. Since then he has taken motorbikers into remote corners of Vietnam with both Explore Indochina and Hoi An Motorbike Adventures, and is excited to be involved with Rally Indochina.


Thuy Thi Do

Thuy is the brains and calming force behind all the logistics for the Rally. She loves to ride motorbikes in northern Vietnam and has travelled extensively around the world. Since coming to Hanoi at the tender age of 12, she cut her teeth working for high-end hotels and travel companies. Her charming smile and gentle disposition ensures that the Rally proceeds like clockwork.