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Sign Up Now for Rally Indochina

Any experienced and licensed motorcyclist from around the world is welcome to sign up for Rally Indochina.

To sign up for the ride, either fill in the form on the right, or send Rally Indochina an email at

The fundraising team from Blue Dragon will then be back in touch with you and will set up your very own fundraising portal for Rally Indochina. After kickstarting your fundraising efforts with your own donation of US$500 per person, you can then put the word out amongst your friends, family and colleagues.

All donations to Blue Dragon are tax-deductible in Australia and the US. Try to think of a fun and interesting way to inspire your mates to donate via your fundraising portal.

The remaining US$2,250 tour fee covers the cost of the Rally, including the use of a motorbike, fuel, repairs, accommodation, most meals and non-alcoholic drinks, mechanics and guides, entrance fees, transfers and so on. We use an all-inclusive pricing structure, so once the Rally begins, all you have to pay for are your alcoholic beverages, souvenirs and so on. This fee will need to be paid by the end of March, 2017.