Rally Indochina is a fundraising road-trip in the north of Vietnam. You and fellow participants will cruise on classic Soviet-era motorcycles or modern Honda dirt bikes.

Kick starting your journey in Hanoi, you will explore remote hill tribe villages, climb high mountain passes and pass though areas rarely seen by foreign visitors. Rally Indochina is a fabulous 9-day experience of a lifetime.

Not only will you see the world through new eyes, but by working side by side with the Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation, your contributions go directly towards the fight against child labour abuse and trafficking.

Rally Indochina is a socially conscious organisation operated by Hoi An Motorbike Adventures and Explore Indochina.

Hoi An Motorbike Adventures is located in Hoi An, Central Vietnam. They offer motorcycle tours in Vietnam, Laos, Sri Lanka and Italy.

Explore Indochina is Vietnam's longest operating motorbike tour company, located in Hanoi. They have been offering motorbike tours for 20 years.

Working hand in hand with the Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation, Rally Indochina has raised over US$260,000 supporting the fight against child sex trafficking and illegal labour.

Rally Indochina not only challenges it participants on an epic adventure but works closely with the Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation to help put an end to child sex trafficking and illegal labour. All funds raised by Rally participants go directly to Blue Dragon and its hard working team, supporting their ever growing Vietnamese family.

In 2002 Michael Brosowski arrived in Hanoi from Australia. He soon found himself teaching English to shoeshine boys and organising football matches to lift their spirits. This was the start of a foundation that was to change thousands of lives to come.

Sixteen years later, the Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation employs 85 permanent staff members and supports over 1,500 Vietnamese children. The Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation has made an everlasting impact on the streets of Vietnam and continues to rescue children from sex trafficking and illegal labour.

Blue Dragon has rescued more than 770 victims of human trafficking. Funds raised will go towards rescuing more women and children from labour and sexual exploitation, and provide housing, counselling, education and training so they can rebuild their lives. Funding also helps to build communities and provide education about the dangers of trafficking to eliminate the chance of them ending up in a sweatshop or as a sex trafficking victim.

Rally participants will visit a remote kindergarden in the far north of Vietnam built by Blue Dragon. These facilities educate children for a brighter future so we can achieve the long term goal of eradicating human trafficking for good.

Rally Indochina starts in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. A bustling city to get the senses going. You will set off in an epic convoy into the Vietnamese wilderness. Crossing mountain passes, navigating over, through and around rivers, you will get a good sense of what to expect in the coming days. The route sets out to explore the mountains in the far north, cruising through breath taking valleys, visiting hill tribes and interacting with the locals. Surrounded by lush forests and an abundance of rice paddies, the overwhelming beauty becomes addictive.

En route to Sa Pa, you will visit a Blue Dragon kindergarten and see the beautiful work being done for the Vietnamese children there. The Rally nears its end in Sa Pa, surrounded by enormous mountains and terraced rice fields, where you are given time to explore and relax with the minority groups. You will conclude Rally Indochina with a festive dinner

This unique route was meticulously designed by bikers who are all long term residents in Vietnam. Over the years each road, historic site, scenic pass and valley has been studied to ensure a perfectly balanced adventure.

Rally Indochina is an annual event held in May. In 2019 Rally Indochina kick-starts in Hanoi, Vietnam, on the 5th of May. It’s an 9-day adventure that finishes on May 13th.

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